Cardinal Capital Group is a long established investor, investment adviser and manager of alternative capital in the Irish market. Cardinal’s dedicated team of 15 investment professionals have significant experience of managing and investing in Irish companies across a wide range of sectors.

Website Redesign

Cardinal Capital Group is the largest and most active provider of alternative capital in Ireland.

They needed a website refresh due to their website becoming outdated and not responsive across devices. This is crucial for any business that their customers are able to access their website.

cardinal capital group responsive webpages

In collaboration with True Story

True Story did the entire rebrand for Cardinal Capital and we worked closely with them when building Cardinal Capital’s new website.

A key aspect of the website’s design was its responsiveness across all devices.

Designed for the User First

The site was redesigned to make information easier to obtain for users.

The company’s main services were created in a block structure that users could contact a member of Cardinal’s team or track updates on particular funds.

cardinal capital group website layouts