Wholesome Kitchen is a fast, casual restaurant in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. Their menus include wok style dishes, salads, wraps and smoothies to provide customers with 'Guilt Free Goodness'.

We produced video, photography and stop motion content to promote the launch their new nutritional shakes menu in the restaurant across their entire social media.

Wholesome Kitchen Restaurant Mullingar Photo Collage

Promo Video

Promotional video to launch the 7 new nutritional shakes available at Wholesome Kitchen.

We choose to shoot the video in an orbit style to showcase each of the new shakes in a modern, trendy way that would capture users while scrolling through their social media feeds.

Shake Ingredients

Photographing each of the 7 new shakes, we edited the images in Adobe Lightroom and added text to each image in Adobe Illustrator.

The images were shared to showcase to viewers what the shakes look like and what's included.

Stop Motion Videos

Stop motion video was created for each of the 7 new nutritional shakes available at Wholesome Kitchen.

The videos were created in multiple formats such as Instagram post, and Facebook and Instagram stories. The videos allow for gifs and titles to be added when sharing to stories.